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    new server helping guide!!!


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    new server helping guide!!!

    Post  guthixxxx on Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:46 am

    hey guys its your pal guthix here to let you no how to play our brand new server.

    ok when u log on you will have some starter stuff in your inv, now theres 2 ways to lvl up:

    1. train yourself (there is all the needs for you on here to help you lvl all skills.
    2. do ::setlevel (0 - 20)you must have no armour on to do this.

    once you have decided witch way you will train up your adventure begins.....

    tips on making money:

    ok guys first of you can skill: all skills give money but the main one that gives alot is thieving.

    when you thiev u get pots?! omg pots wtf what i do with them?????
    relax go to the bank note them and sell to sigmund the merchant, on the scim stall you get the most(300k each) do this repeatedly.

    now your rich as ****, go buy what you wont and become a great player.

    what can we do on there?

    well theres 2 things at home u can do:

    1. the demons of death.....fake name but sounds cool(click the tormented demon) here u can kill them they drop barrows witch you can sell to the shopkeeper by the wall near the banks(with make over mage)

    2. you can click the circle next to the chest outside the bank here you kill a few monsters(once there killed go to the chest) it unlocks phats, santa and masks.

    ok thats most of the server but now time for the best....want a defender?! well then go minigames on ur spellbook click warrior giuld same as rs go to the room with shanomi in it then click talk on him he will show u armour, buy one set of rune and right click a piece and use on magic animator the armour u use dont dissapear so dont worry do this repeatedly u get 40 tokens per one u do once u get 100 go near the bank and up the stairs.
    click on the sergeant and it will show u kamfreena saying the bronze defender is now dropped by the cyclops do this for all defender and gl =].

    we have all skills working emotes work including skillcape emotes, barrows and pc works(pest control) and we even got jad witch is 1 wave gl on fcape.

    thanks for reading about the new server and i hope 2 see you on tc friends

    -guthix (ex staff)


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    Re: new server helping guide!!!

    Post  Look on Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:58 am

    I get a server error every time the web client tries to load...
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    Re: new server helping guide!!!

    Post  Joni Skill X on Thu Jan 20, 2011 5:40 am

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    Re: new server helping guide!!!

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