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    the server has been down too much



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    the server has been down too much

    Post  nimbosoup on Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:44 pm

    the server ha been down way to much it is pissing me off i cant even play so i have nuthin to do if ur gonna run a server make sure u have it running before u say its up and 2 of all it shouldnt be a 1 percent chance to get claws i mean atleast 30% and y r we losing so many ppl m a g e did u piss tht many ppl off tht they r quiting or is it that ur justbanning ppl for no reason and ip banning i mean u got rid of dalton he is nicer then u i think everyone tht is mad i think we should quit playing for a while until m a g e a kid tht looks 14 can change the way he is he is the worst owner ive ever meet u ask him for help and he says ur annoying him well maybe he shouldnt make this server so FUCKING COMPLICATED MY GOD FUCKING GET THE SHIT RUNNING AND MAKE IT BETTER AND MAYBE!! I SAID MAYBE WE CAN GET ON THE TOP 10 OR SUMTHIN I MEAN THE GAYEST SERVER I THINK IS ON TOP 3 AND IT IS A FAIL SERVER LETS MOVE UP IN TO THERE SPOT MAYBE WE WOULD BE RECONIZED Very Happy AND GET MORE RARES AND MAKE IT SO SUMTHING DROPS AGSBUT U ONLY HAVE 10% TO GET AND AFTER U DO THT BRING BACK DALTON AND AFTER THT GET THIS SERVER SOME BETTER ITEMS NOW!!!!! Mad Evil or Very Mad Idea TY U I HOPE U READ THIS M A G E
    M A G E

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    Re: the server has been down too much

    Post  M A G E on Mon Aug 16, 2010 12:24 am

    This is complete rage no dought about it.

    I happen to have a life and when comcast decided to turn my internet off it's not my fault it was off for what 5 hours while i wasn't home? They were working on the internet down the street from my house and i couldn't do anything about it. If your willing to give me 49 dollars, sure buddy ill buy us a dedi and we won't have to deal with that but for now on why don't we just not flame me okay?

    Edit: Also, i've been working on new items in my spare time, kid if you would like to code these for me go for it ;].

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